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Finishing Formulas

 In April 2007 #161, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Some woodworkers keep a tight lid on their recipes, but we pour it all out.
By Glen D. Huey
Pages: 70-77

From the April 2007 issue #161
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Some say that finishing can be a “ruination of a nicely built piece of furniture.” Well, to build that piece you have to study the different techniques and have access to good plans. Plans and procedures are now shared openly by most woodworkers. But when it comes to finishing, some of the best woodworkers slip into a secret back room and never let their exact procedures see the light of day.

How are you supposed to become a better finisher if you are not shown the techniques and formulas? That’s why we are “blowing the doors off” this little-shared but highly important aspect of woodworking. This article is an all-access pass to the finishing methods I’ve used for a number of projects from my books and magazine articles.

From the April 2007 issue #161
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