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 In August 2008 #170, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

A high-angle tool of last resort, this small plane can go anywhere and plane almost anything.
By Christopher Schwarz
Page: 36

From the August 2008 issue #170
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Despite the amount of bronze, iron and beech in my tool cabinet, most woodworkers need only three bench planes: A fore plane to reduce the thickness of boards, a jointer plane to flatten them and a smoothing plane to prepare them for finishing.

That’s in a perfect world. In reality, we work with a material (wood) that is unpredictable, cantankerous and vexing – like my first redheaded girlfriend.

During the last few years, I’ve gradually folded a fourth plane into my arsenal, and now I cannot imagine working without it.

Online Extra

To download a PDF presentation that shows the evolution of the Wayne Anderson Smoother, click here.

From the August 2008 issue #170
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