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 In October 2006 #157, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

No unnecessary frills. Just a solid machine at a super price.
By Christopher Schwarz
Page: 26

From the October 2006 issue #157
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My first encounter with the Grizzly G7944 drill press began with a fit of cursing but ended with a big smile on my face. You see, I had bought the 14″ machine because it seemed an amazing value and my other Grizzly tools had provided superior service.

So imagine my surprise when the G7944 stalled in almost every hole, even with small bits in softwood. After a couple holes I turned the air blue with a few choice expletives and then I paused for a moment of reflection. I opened the pulley cover and tightened the pulley nut that held the pulley to the spindle. The nut had come loose (perhaps during shipping) and was allowing the pulley to slip.

That fixed everything, and since that moment more than three years ago I have had nothing but praise for this machine, which is powerful, accurate and a dang good deal.

From the October 2006 issue #157
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