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End Grain: Tradition Embraced

 In April 2012 #196, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Dreams of rock stardom lead to life in luthiery.

by Erick T. Gatcomb
Page 64

From the April 2012 Issue, # 196

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The allure of woodworking is a hell of a thing. As a teenager determined to break the family cycle – everyone, male or female, was/is a carpenter – I loathed hearing about 2x4s and pressure-treated lumber. The thought of spending a life pounding nails was comparable to a life in purgatory, which never seems very promising, particularly to an adolescent. The old man would tell me, “One day all these tools will be yours.” And I would struggle to stifle a groan. After all, what purpose would those woodworking tools serve to a world-famous rock star?

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From the April 2012 issue #196.
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