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Easy Wood Tools 1/8″ ‘Easy Parter’ Parting Tool

 In April 2015 #217, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

1504-easy_parterby Christopher Schwarz
page 14

Since my first experience with Easy Wood tools in 2011, I’ve been a fan. Thanks to the tools’ long-lasting carbide inserts, I can focus on the shapes I want to produce instead of heading to the grinder or tweaking the lathe’s tool rest.

The three basic tools in the Easy Wood catalog – the rougher, finisher and detailer – do about 95 percent of the shapes a furniture maker could want when working between centers.

But the one tool that was missing from the line-up was a parting tool. Easy Wood has remedied this with a new 1⁄8″ parting tool that makes fine details as small as 1⁄8″ wide that were impossible with the basic set.

As with the other Easy Wood tools, the Easy Parter has a replaceable carbide tooth. But unlike the company’s other tools, it isn’t changed with a screwdriver. Instead, you use a key (included) that slightly pries open the tool’s jaws, allowing the tooth to drop out. Then you put in a new tooth and release the key. It takes 20 seconds.

Web: easywoodtools.com
Blog: Read more about Easy Wood tools and the company’s origins.

From the April 2015 issue, #217

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