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Dovetail Ruler Trick

 In December 2014 #215, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

dovetail-trickA throwaway wooden ruler prevents fatal errors when dovetailing.

by Christopher Schwarz
page 51

The No. 1 mistake made by first-time dovetailers has nothing to do with sawing or chopping – the obvious choices.

Instead, I’ve found that most fatal mistakes happen at the point where the shape of the first half of the joint – the tailboard or pinboard – is transferred to its mate.

During the transfer process, beginners fail to align the boards properly, or a board shifts during the transfer process. The end result is that the joint is horribly misaligned or, worse, it won’t go together.

To fight this alignment problem, I used to show beginners how to cut a shallow rabbet on the inside of the tailboard to help the two boards mate easily during the transfer process, reducing errors.

This strategy works great – if you can cut a square, well-placed rabbet. To be honest, it is difficult to teach beginners to do this with a rabbet plane at the same time they are also learning to knife, chisel and saw a dovetail joint.

I was beginning to wonder if the rabbet was more trouble than it was worth.
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From the December 2014 issue, #215

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