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 In August 2010 #184, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Repetition of proportion and shape can create design harmony.
By George R. Walker
Page: 22

From the August 2010 issue #184
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Depending on your canoe route, Little Crooked Lake is about two days of paddling and portaging from the nearest highway. It’s worth it. On a still morning, you can hear the smallest sound carry across the fog-shrouded water and echo off the steep rocky shoreline. A wood thrush pipes its fl ute-like song and the music folds back on itself to transform the solo into a chorus. I fi rst hiked into Little Crooked intending to catch a fi sh dinner. The fish weren’t hungry, but I took away memories of those haunting echoes that I still relish. I don’t know why echoes can capture our imagination. They don’t have to be loud; sometimes it’s the small, subtle echoes that engage something deep within us.

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From the August 2010 issue #184
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