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‘Superadded Ornaments’ won’t save a poor design – but can enhance a good one.

by George R. Walker
Pages 16-17

From the April 2012 issue, #196

My 10-year-old son, Josh, tugged at my elbow and said, “Dad, check it out, is that cool or what?”

Parked a few yards away was a minivan encrusted with hundreds – no, make that thousands – of plastic toys glued to every square inch of sheet metal. What looked like grass sprouting from the roof was actually several battalions of green army men, along with tanks, bazookas, Pez dispensers, dinosaurs, guitar picks, Happy Meal toys and, on the hood, Wonder Woman in a pitched battle with Godzilla. I asked myself if this was part of a divorce settlement gone bad, or a desperate cry for help. Whatever the inspiration, it made us smile.

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From the April 2012 issue #196.
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