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 In October 2010 #185, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

A visit to the shop of a designer & craftsman
By George R. Walker
Pages: 20-21

From the October 2010 issue # 185
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Creativity is a slippery thing. A lucky few are born with a creative streak that seems to flower without effort. Others (most of us) have to work at it to unlock our creative potential. Rarest of all is that bird that combines generous natural gifts and hard work.

Words like “artist” and “master” come to mind when describing furniture builder Brooke Smith of Columbus, Ohio. His small one-man studio turns out exquisite furniture that spans a broad range. I liken Brooke to a classically trained violinist who’s comfortable playing Bach, rock or bluegrass. His work encompasses corporate boardroom tables, high-style period reproductions and one-off modern studio pieces. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are first-rate, but the thing that most stands out is his talented designer’s eye.

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Web site: See more of Smith’s work at his web site.
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From the October 2010 issue # 185
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