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 In December 2004, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

This sharp-looking desk is sturdy and easy to make using basic tools and simple joinery.
By David Thiel & John Hutchinson
Pages: 80-85

From the December 2004 issue #145
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John Hutchinson is much more than Popular Woodworking’s illustrator. He’s also a talented furniture designer. When an e-mail comes in from John it’s likely to include an attached drawing of his latest outlandish project idea. But we’ve seen many of these ideas come to excellent fruition. This desk is just another example of his wide influence on your magazine.

The top of the desk is actually a scaled-down version of an original design by Italian designer Rodolfo Dordoni (1954 – ). A Dordoni original was purchased for the director of design at John’s architectural firm. John admired the desk but didn’t have the cash or the space for it.

Being the architect that he is, John went to work: He scaled down the top, designed and built prototype plywood legs (the original has a metal base) and created this homage to Dordoni.

From the December 2004 issue #145
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