Cheating at Chairmaking | Popular Woodworking Magazine
 In April 2005 #147, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Tricks and secret weapons to assist the beginning (or city-dwelling) bodger.
By Christopher Schwarz
Pages: 62-69

From the April 2005 issue #147
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After building my first stick Windsor chair using traditional tools and green wood it was like I was on crack. Like thousands of woodworkers I returned home from my first chairmaking class aching to replace every uncomfortable (and ugly) chair in our house.

But there was a problem. Several problems, actually. None of the tools in my workshop were the chairmaking tools I’d learned to use in the class. And a couple hours with a calculator and the Highland Hardware catalog convinced me that my credit card didn’t need that kind of one-time workout.

Plus there were other barriers besides tools. Getting green wood is a challenge in some cities. And making room in a crowded shop for chairmaking activities can be a head-scratcher.

I knew it was time to cheat.

From the April 2005 issue #147
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