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Build a Boomerang

 In December 2009 #180, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Making a boomerang is simple, fast and will set your head spinning.
By Trevor Smith
Pages: 52-56

From the December 2009 issue #180
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If you like a challenge, enjoy having an excuse to be outside and are looking for ideas for practical projects, you’ll find that building a boomerang is great fun.

Also, boomerangs are a great project to build with family members you’ve wanted to introduce to woodworking. And when you are done you get to go to the park and spend time together throwing them.

I have just one warning: Boomerangs will draw a curious crowd of onlookers.

Online Extras

* Watch the video of Trevor Smith’s students building boomerangs and then send their projects soaring.

* Download PDF of boomerang instructions.

From the December 2009 issue #180
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