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Breadboard End Cutting Board

 In April 2017 #231, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Practice a centuries-old technique on this small contemporary piece.

by David Picciuto
pgs. 50-54

Found on everything from refined 18th-century highboys to muscled Arts & Crafts tables, breadboard ends are a handsome and time-tested way to prevent wooden panels from warping over time. Correctly made, breadboard ends not only keep panels flat, but also allow them to expand and contract with seasonal (or other) changes in humidity.

Key to successful breadboard ends are the pins that join the tongue of the panel to the groove on the end piece. For this application, the center pin is fixed in both the panel and end, but the outer pins are installed in elongated holes that allow the panel to move freely with shifts in humidity. But other breadboard ends, such as those found on a drop-front desk, for example, feature fixed pins on one end to force expansion and contraction to happen on the unhinged edge.

This small cutting board is a great project on which to get started with breadboard ends, and it features a modern look with its use of contrasting woods.

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From the April 2017 issue, #231


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