Best New Tools: 2004 | Popular Woodworking Magazine
 In December 2004, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

By the Popular Woodworking staff
Pages: 61-65

Every year, the Best New Tools article is the one that everyone on the staff looks forward to. Each editor picks his or her favorite tools introduced during the calendar year and makes a list that’s passed around.

Then we have to defend our recommendations to the other staff members. Frustrations rise, tempers flare and then (inevitably) a fistfight breaks out. Luckily we’re all pretty fairly matched so you still get a balanced presentation of our favorite tools.

This year was no exception. And while there are other tools and machinery that were in hot contention that didn’t make the cut (someone who shall go unnamed started biting) we’re proud of this year’s list.

From the December 2004 issue #145
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