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BenchCrafted Classic Leg Vise

 In October 2014 #213, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

~TT_BenchcraftedViseby Christopher Schwarz
page 18

Until recently, workbench hardware on the market was so pitiful that you were better off looking for vintage vises and screws for your new bench. These days, however, woodworkers have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to workbench accessories.

Earlier this year, Benchcrafted released its latest vise design, the Benchcrafted Classic. It’s an all-metal screw designed for use in a leg vise. While the Classic is based on 19th- and 20th-century European vises, it exceeds them on every point.

For starters, this vise is fast. Thanks to a double-lead, Acme-threaded screw, the vise travels 1⁄2″ per revolution of the tommy bar and still manages a death grip on your work. Like all Benchcrafted equipment, the machining on the vise screws and nut looks ready for the International Space Station.
Instead of your typical gloppy paint job, the vise’s hub, collar and tommy bar are “Parkerized” – a durable and rust-resistant surface finish typically used on firearms. The finish is matte, but if you rub it with some fine steel wool it will adopt a deep black glow.

But the sweetest thing about the vise is, surprisingly, the tommy bar itself.

Read the complete tool test here.

Web site: BenchCrafted
Video: See the Benchcrafted Classic Vise Screw in action.

From the October 2014 issue, #213


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