At the Lathe: Turning Oval Tool Handles - Popular Woodworking Magazine
 In October 2007 #164, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Grip allows greater leverage with less pressure, and can be custom-fit.
By Judy Ditmer
Pages: 90-93

From the October 2007 issue #164
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If you’ve ever used a small-handled screwdriver to turn a tight screw, you know that having a decent handle is half the battle. A larger handle makes it so much easier to keep a good grip on the driver. An oval handle goes this one better; you can get great leverage without having to grip so tightly.

It’s easy to turn an oval handle on the lathe, plus you can make a handle that suits your own hand, and the specific tool, perfectly.

Although I used a plain piece of ash for this project, you might choose a special piece of wood to make a beautiful, custom tool that you can use effectively for many years.

From the October 2007 issue #164
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