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 In December 2007 #166, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Perfection doesn’t exist. But you can come close.
By Adam Cherubini
Pages: 34-37

From the  February 2006 issue #153
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One of the first things any beginning woodworker must do is set up a workshop. Like so many other things a novice woodworker must do, the preparation of a workshop shapes the capabilities and enjoyment of the craft long after the novice has become an intermediate or advanced woodworker.

Fortunately, many books and articles have been published on the subject. Unfortunately, few – if any –  address the unique needs of hand tool usage. All too often, I see benches that are much too short, free standing, or shoved into some filthy corner. Provisions for sharpening appear to be haphazard afterthoughts. Tool storage solutions are typically completely inadequate for the unique needs of hand tools and their convenient usage. The general lack of consideration for the unique needs of hand tool usage conspires to limit the potential of any would-be hand tool craftsman.

Unlike modern shops where each new tool purchase requires a corresponding additional allotment of floor space, once a few basic hand tool work areas are established, there’s rarely a need for any additional growth. The trick is getting these areas laid out in such a way that they don’t prevent your future success.

From the  February 2006 issue #153
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