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Arts & Mysteries: Soup up Your Sawing Savvy

 In December 2010 #187, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Good practice makes perfect – or at least better.
By Bob Rozaieski
Pages: 28-29

From the December 2010 issue # 187
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When it comes to using hand tools, good technique is everything. We can spend hours sawing, chopping and planing, but if we don’t practice good technique, all we are doing is getting good at bad habits. To really become proficient with our hand tools, the secret isn’t more practice, it’s practicing better technique.

Nowhere is this more true than when using a handsaw. So often, the struggles that we have making accurate crosscuts and rips, and sawing joinery, can be attributed to difficulty tracking a straight line. So we buy better saws and practice more, hoping to cut that perfect dovetail. But often, the improvement is only marginal.

It can be frustrating when your skills seem to hit a plateau. But it may not be your fault. You may simply be practicing old, bad habits. Just like anything else, sawing by hand takes practice. But to do it well, it takes proper practice of good technique.

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From the December 2010 issue # 187
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