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Arts & Mysteries: ‘Boarded’ Furniture

 In February 2012 #195, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

London’s clever carpenters found a way around the laws.

By Adam Cherubini
Pages: 22-24

From the February 2012 issue #195
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“Boarded” is an archaic English term that was used to describe a form of woodwork characterized by the use of fasteners as the principle means of attachment. The iconic six-board chest is probably the most familiar boarded furniture form.

In earliest times, the fasteners may have been wooden pegs. In the Middle Ages, nails were used, sometimes decoratively. Metal straps were also sometimes applied to the corners. The basic form of these chests remained unchanged for easily 1,000 years.

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From the February 2012 issue #195
Buy the issue now.

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