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Are Lasers Just a Gimmick?

 In November 2005 #151, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Lasers are popping up on all sorts of tools. Are they useful – or just clever marketing? We investigate.
By David Thiel
Pages: 82-85

From the November 2005 issue #151
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If you take a look at all the new tools that are now sporting laser-guidance devices (disregarding laser levels – we’ll come back to those shortly) you’ll notice that in general the tools are designed for the do-it-yourselfer category, not the professional. Do the professional woodworkers know something that everyone should know? We think so.

I reviewed all the woodworking tools available online and found the following tools equipped with lasers for a variety of promised benefits: drill presses, miter saws (a lot of miter saws), jigsaws, table saws (OK, it’s an accessory), levels (an unbelievable number of levels), drills, circular saws, band saws and even a scrollsaw.

From the November 2005 issue #151
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