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Arbortech TurboPlane & Mini-Turbo

 In August 2014 #212, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

03pwm0814tooltestarborby Chuck Bender
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If you are into sculpting wood or forming sculpted furniture parts, the Arbortech TurboPlane and Mini-Turbo are two tools that could make your work much easier. Although they are sold separately, they work well as a team.

The TurboPlane is an easy-to-handle, relatively safe 4″-diameter power carver that fits on most standard angle grinders. It can be used freehand to create flowing contours or with a rub pattern to make repetitive shapes. Unlike many power carvers, this one works with the carbide teeth safely beneath the tool rather than along the edge. This gives the tool a more natural feel when removing waste, and it allows for extremely fine cuts because you can use the grinder itself as a fulcrum to adjust the depth of cut.

The Mini-Turbo is just a smaller (2″) version of the TurboPlane that gets you into tighter places. The sanding disks that come with it are a tremendous boon to the operator because they quickly smooth out any bumps left by the power carver.

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From the August 2014 issue, #212

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