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A Teacup & 8 Dinner Plates

 In October 2011 #192, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Not only living beings retain a soul; some objects do as well.

By Toshio Odate
Pages: 52-55

From the October 2011 issue #192
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The word “Pantheism” is defined as “the religious belief or philosophical doctrine, which identifies the universe with God.” And, “The doctrine that God is not a personality, but that all laws, forces and manifestations, etc. of the universe are God.” God is everything and everything is God.

WEB SITE: Shinto beliefs are among the oldest recorded religious ideologies in the world. Read more about Shinto and its lasting effect on Japanese culture.
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IN OUR STORE: Toshio’s Ash Dining Table story appears in two parts in our August 2010 and October 2010 issues.

From the October 2011 issue #192
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