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A Classic Huntboard

 In June 2009 #176, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Ample storage and simple lines make this dining room server highly desirable.
By Glen D. Huey
Pages: 44-50

From the June 2009 issue #176
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During the holidays, I remember as a youngster growing up, a card table set up in the dining room to stage the dinner platters. There was never enough room on the table, so temporary storage was a necessity. Then after dinner, I recall Mom folding the table linens to store them elsewhere in the house. There was no significant storage near the dining table.

Both of these issues are solved when you include a huntboard as part of the dining room furnishings. Huntboards are narrow storage pieces with some combination of drawers and cupboard storage. And the top is flat, long and ideal for food-loaded platters awaiting a second pass around the table.

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To view a video demonstration of tapering legs at the jointer, click here.

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From the June 2009 issue #176
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