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Grain Raising

A better understanding of what causes grain raising will help you manage it. Our finishing expert Bob Flexner explains this phenomenon and how to deal with it.

Blacker Entry Mirror

Flex your skills and build this iconic Greene & Greene entry mirror. By Tim Celeski Pages 30-37 The 1907 Robert R. Blacker House in Pasadena, Calif., is a masterpiece. The architecture and [...]

Breakdown Sawhorses

Practice your hand-tool skills and make a pair of strong, collapsible workshop companions. By Will Myers Pages 38-43 About a year and a half ago my wife took a job in eastern North Carolina. My [...]

5 Tricky Hinges

By Nancy Hiller Pages 44-48 In the April issue (#238) I wrote about several types of hinges commonly in use and described various techniques for installing them. For the second article in this [...]

Folding Bookstand

It starts out the size of a smartphone and opens to make your reading (or cooking) easier. By Christopher Schwarz Pages 50-54 How-to books, cookbooks and sheet music are inconvenient to use while [...]

On Wood Selection

Both fast- and slow-growing wood present good opportunities. By Peter Follansbee Pages 26-28 Wood selection is an important part of any woodworking project. I sometimes feel like I take it to an [...]

Addition by Subtraction

When adding design elements, less is often more. By George R. Walker Pages 22-24 One useful way to think about furniture design is to think about it as a language. It’s a set of ideas and [...]

Learning Happens Through Doing

At Women’s Woodshop, no one has to prove themselves to be a maker. By Jess Hirsch Page 64 I fell in love with woodworking because of the material itself; wood’s movement with the seasons, its [...]

The Joy of Woodworking – Out On a Limb

By Andrew Zoellner, Editor Popular Woodworking, June 2018 Page 8 Earlier this year, I took the reins of Popular Woodworking. To be perfectly honest, it’s been a little nuts. How did I get here? [...]

Folding Stool

For camping, conquering and contemplating, these stools have a long history among artists, soldiers and rugged individualists. by Christopher Schwarz with David Lyell pages 24-27 There are few [...]

Serious Play

Judson Beaumont and the Straight Line Designs furniture factory. by Asa Christiana pages 28-32 When I think of Judson Beaumont I can’t help thinking of Willie Wonka – the original Wonka, from [...]

Rout Arches of Any Size

This millwork technique can be used to make curved parts with accuracy and ease. by Ben Brunick pages 33-39 Much of my recent work has been making period-appropriate arch-top sash windows for an [...]


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