Popular Woodworking: Articles & Projects from Past Issues

Grain Raising

A better understanding of what causes grain raising will help you manage it. By Bob Flexner Pages 58-60 Grain …

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On Wood Selection

Both fast- and slow-growing wood present good opportunities. By Peter Follansbee Pages 26-28 Wood selection is an important part …

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Folding Bookstand

It starts out the size of a smartphone and opens to make your reading (or cooking) easier. By Christopher Schwarz…

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5 Tricky Hinges

By Nancy Hiller Pages 44-48 In the April issue (#238) I wrote about several types of hinges commonly in …

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Breakdown Sawhorses

Practice your hand-tool skills and make a pair of strong, collapsible workshop companions. By Will Myers Pages 38-43 About …

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