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Have you ever called your house, heard your voice on the answering machine and had a moment of panic because you thought someone must have breached your burglar alarm for the sheer joy of recording over your answering machine message? (And while they were there, stole the TV and computer, poured the liquid contents of your refrigerator all over the floor, and, worst of all, let the cats escape?) No? Um…never mind then.

So anyway…I had a conversation earlier this week about the upcoming Woodworking in America conference (Oct. 1-3 in Greater Cincinnati) with Matt Vanderlist, which he’s now posted as a podcast over at Matt’s Basement Workshop. If you want to learn more about the show (and hear what I didn’t think I sounded like), check it out.

– Megan Fitzpatrick

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– Executive Editor Bob Lang will be teaching SketchUp sessions at the show, but you can get a head start with his two ShopClass downloads or CDs

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  • Charles

    Well, there goes my plans of breaking into your home and recording over your message… totally would not have the same effect now. And with no Shamwows being sold at WIA you would have been totally screwed with all the liquid contents on your kitchen floor.

    I should note that in my plan I was not going to steal your cats and in fact was going to leave an additional seven cats so not the same plan really.

    I can’t stand my recorded voice either… frankly my live voice is rather grating as well. Add me to the voice-lift list.

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