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Woodworking Social Network, New at Sandal Woods

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We don’t often post on the Popular Woodworking Magazine blog about other blogs and sites, but our friend Al Navas, of Sandal Woods has some added some interesting new features to his already impressive woodworking site, so I thought you should know about them.

Al has integrated a free social network with areas for member, groups and discussion forums (and he’s running a contest through April to name the networking portion of his site). Plus, members are encouraged to write woodworking articles and feature their own work (and Al is happy to help with details such as integrating photos and video). The new features combine some of the best features of Facebook-like interaction with woodworking education. So if you’re looking for a platform in which to showcase your work, want to make some new woodworking friends, or simply want to learn more about woodworking, I encourage you to head on over to Sandal Woods and check it out.

– Megan Fitzpatrick

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  • Al Navas

    Thanks, Megan – I appreciate your kind words.

    Neil, I am having fun! Hopefully, it will last a few more years 🙂


  • Neil

    The on-line woodworking community is already fragmented whether its hand-tools vs power tools, traditional vs contemporary building, solid wood vs flat panel, experience vs limited experience, BS vs woodworking knowledge.

    People move around to where they feel comfortable.

    Few seem to enjoy woodworking like Al of Sandal Woods does and if he has a following that is comfortable with him. More power to his joy of woodworking.

    He’s attended numeorus Pop Wood conferences and no doubt has met many of the individuals who are comfortable with him, while at the same time has helped the editors at Pop Woodworking spread the conference word. If he gets a plug here, he’s earned it.

    Individuals should do alot less decision making on who’s who in community building and concentrate more on showing what kind of work comes off your bench.

    Much of what has been lost is that the internet woodworking community is supposed to support others woodworking not coral like minds.

    Keep having fun Al!!!!

  • Dyami Plotke

    I’d agree with Jeremy. Could you offer some comparison between the yet unnamed Sandal Wood Community and the existing Wood Whisperer community?

    Due we run the risk of overly fragmenting the online woodworking world?

  • Paul Stine

    I need someplace to post my movements so that someone can rob my house.

  • Jeremy

    Yo, Sandal Woods, Imm’a let you finish, but the Wood Whisperer had one of the best woodworking community sites of all time. Of ALL TIME!

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