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The guys pictured here are not Woodworking’s Most Wanted. But if you can answer questions about them, the payoff might be big. The contest is under way.

The Rules
The contest opened with last night’s Wood Talk Online show. The trivia questions are about Marc Spagnuolo, Matt Vanderlist, Chris Schwarz, Chuck Bender, Bob Lang and Glen Huey. All of the answers to the questions can be found somewhere on any of the websites (check the blogs first, but don’t forget Popular Woodworking‘s article index).

Entries must be emailed to WoodTalkOnline@acanthus.com by 5 p.m. on March 10, 2009. I’m sure most of you will dig up the correct answers, so in the event of multiple entries with all correct answers, a random drawing from those entries determines the winner. The winner is announced on the next Wood Talk Online episode.

The Prize
The winner will choose a free weekend Fundamentals class at The Acanthus Workshop (all materials included) and $200 toward travel and lodging expenses. Basically, that’s a free class depending on where you originate.

For information on the Fundamentals class and schedule at Acanthus, click here. And if you missed the episode last night, go to Wood Talk Online and download or listen to the podcast , it’s episode 51.

Ready to begin digging up answers? Here are the questions.

1. What city was Chris Schwarz in when he fainted during a woodworking demonstration?

2. In what city was Chris Schwarz when he had an expensive infill plane stolen right under his nose?

3. Where did Bob Lang go to High School?

4. Chris Schwarz has referred to Bob Lang’s taste in music as 60-70s rock and roll, but the only musical artist Bob has ever referred to in the blog is from a different genre and era. Name this musical artist.

5. Bob Lang has published 7 books, 5 of them about the Arts & Crafts period of the early 20th century. Name the others.

6. In what industry did Marc Spagnuolo work before becoming a professional woodworker?

7. What instrument does Marc Spagnuolo play?

8. What was the name of Marc Spagnuolo’s furniture business?

9. What piece of furniture did Glen Huey build, with help from his Father, when he was 13 years old?

10. What piece of furniture was the first to put Glen Huey on the cover of Popular Woodworking?

11. What is Matt Vanderlist’s day job?

12. What is the name of the German shop teacher Chuck Bender had in high school?

13. What other business did Chuck Bender have in addition to furniture making?

14. What special event in Chuck Bender’s son’s life did Chuck blog about?

15. After 10 years in what town did Chuck Bender move his shop to its current location?  

Good luck to all and don’t forget to email your answers to WoodTalkOnline@acanthus.com by 5 p.m. on March 10, 2009.

– Glen D. Huey

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