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Wainscot & Panelling Set by Infinity

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In the November issue (#186) of Popular Woodworking Magazine, I review a set of Wainscot & Paneling (#00-510) router bits from Infinity Cutting Tools. (Check out the set here.)
The set does a great job with either of those applications, and I
wouldn’t hesitate to have the three-bit set on hand if I were planning
to panel a room or add wainscot to my entry hall. I, however, see the
Infinity bits being more useful as a method to make beaded backboards
for furniture, including any spiffed-up bookcases you’re building.

you order a set, there is one problem. If you dial the phone number I
listed in the review, you’ll not get Infinity Cutting Tools. I listed
the toll-free prefix of the company’s number as 887 when it should read
877. The correct toll-free number is 877-872-2487 or you can get there
via the Internet at infinitytools.com.

— Glen D. Huey

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  • Dreamcatcher

    I totally agree that this set would be great for short runs of furniture grade paneling.

    But, I wish you would’ve made wainscot for a whole room as part of your review. Then you could’ve given a realistic estimate of how much time this [4 step] set wastes as opposed to just buying from the local millworks shop who can churn out the same amount in a matter of seconds on a CNC multi-head milling machine.

    While $90 isn’t bad for a 3pc. router bit set, if I were wainscoting a whole house or room, my time and money would be better spent on a $50 set up fee and $0.38/ln ft. (T&M) that my millwright would charge me.


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