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upholstered corner

Most woodworkers eventually run into the situation where their project requires something be upholstered. It may be a seat on a new chair, or refurbishing an older chair. And being woodworkers we’re quick to say, “How hard can it be? I’ve got the tools!” Fools! Yes, we have the basic principles and we can look at an existing seat and get a pretty good sense of what is necessary. Things may even be going along fine … until you get to the corners! There may be logic in upholstered corners, but it’s not obvious to a person who works wood. Fold things one way and it seems to make sense, but you end up with all this material bunched in the corner. Again, logic says you can just cut away the excess and it’ll all be fine – until you cut away too much and leave a gap, or don’t have enough material left to nail into!

Thank heaven for Mike Mascelli. This guy knows upholstery and if he’s working at his normal speed you’ll swear he’s a magician. “Fold, fold, tuck, fold, clip, fold, tuck. See it’s simple!” What did he just do? Luckily we had Mike slow it down to human speed and had the chance to film it. Take a look at the clip below and learn the magician’s secret to making beautiful upholstered corners! Thank you, Mike!

– David Thiel

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