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Thomas Chippendale library

The Library at Nostell Priory (West Yorkshire, England), with its Chippendale library table, lyre-back chairs and bookcases; the stately home houses a large collection of Chippendale furniture that was built for the property during Thomas Chippendale’s lifetime. Andreas von Einsiedel/ Getty Images

Jeff Miller is working on upcoming article for us on building a Chippendale chair. Well OK…he actually finished it and turned it in some time ago – I’ve just been trying to find time to edit it. But I’m thinking about editing it…the first step! And that got me thinking about Thomas Chippendale.

So I dug into our archive, and found that while I don’t have the text and original images for it, what I do have is the first issue of American Woodworker, in which Dona Z. Meilach wrote a fascinating overview of the style in “Thomas Chippendale: Something For Everyone.”

Meilach hooks you in right from the first paragraph: “If you’re looking for a good trivia question, try: ‘What was the first furniture style to be identified by the name of its creator rather than the name of the reigning monarch?”

“The answer? Thomas Chippendale.”

The whole article is a great read; grab a cup of coffee, download the PDF below and enjoy!

— Megan Fitzpatrick


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