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Adam Cherubini became a contributing author to Popular Woodworking in mid-2005. Since then, he’s graced our magazine with the “Arts & Mysteries” column , introducing many of us to the techniques and lessons of 18th-century woodworking.

After reading almost all of his articles, I had a chance to finally meet Adam in person last year at the Woodworking in America conference. I was introduced during his class “Old-school Chisel Use” and right after his lecture, he came up to me with his chisels in hand and said “Hey Drew, do you want to try?” Pulling from his years of experience as a period woodworker in Pennsbury Manor as well as from the teachings of Moxon’s “Mechanik Exercises” and others, Adam showed me a new way to use a chisel to make a rabbet. At first it felt rather awkward, but once my hands were comfortable the efficiency of the technique quickly showed itself.

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have Adam instruct us in person, but the detailed articles of “Arts & Mysteries” open the doors to period woodworking. Now you can have every “Arts & Mysteries” article to date on one CD along with some of our favorite articles on hand tools and their use.

The Arts & Mysteries of Hand Tools” CD is now available at the Woodworker’s BookShop for $19.99. Below is a slideshow of all the articles you’ll find on the CD, and we’ve also provided his article “The Soul and Basis of Our Art” to read online, for free.

Adam is one of our scheduled presenters at this year’s Woodworking in America Hand Tools & Techniques conference. Even if you’re unable to attend one of his classes, definitely make a note to introduce yourself.

, Drew DePenning, associate editor for the web

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