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The August 2010 issue should begin arriving in subscriber mailboxes in the coming week (and our many online extras are now posted). Here’s a peek at just some of what you’ll find inside:

– Cover Story: An 18th-century French Workbench (From Andre Roubo’s “L’Art du Menuisier”) that editor Christopher Schwarz built almost entirely by hand. Online, you’ll find a free video tour of the workbench and more (we also filmed a DVD during the build for those of you who learn better by watching than reading , you can read more about that here).

– Toshio Odate Table: The first of a two-part story (the second will appear in the October issue) on building “Mabobei’s Dining Table,” an ash table that marries Japanese design sensibilities with Western dining table traditions (legs that accommodate chairs).

– Design: In “Design Matters,” George R. Walker shows you how to use echoes in shape and proportion to enhance your furniture design. Plus, Jim Tolpin shows you how to design truly customized pieces based on body proportions provided by the end-user (in this case, himself).

– Roy Underhill Gets Greasy: Read Roy’s “Arts & Mysteries” column on traditional plane lubricants (I can’t do it justice here , so I’m not going to try).

– Router Joinery: Senior Editor Glen D. Huey helps you turn a puny miter into strong half-lap joint with a jig made from plywood scrap, a router and straight bit , and just a few minutes of work.

– Old-world Elegance: Discover two methods from Bob Flexner for filling pores in open-grained woods to achieve a high-end traditional look.

– And much more (including the only birdhouse Chris Schwarz has ever built).

You’ll find a complete Table of Contents and links to all the online extras at popularwoodworking.com/aug10.

Oh , and if you’re not subscriber, look for the August issue on newsstands on June 30, or order it now at WoodworkersBookShop.com.

– Megan Fitzpatrick

p.s. If you’re not a subscriber, you’re spending an extra $3 or so per issue , that’s $21 over the course  of a one-year subscription…or 1/7th of the dovetail saw I want. Or enough to buy two bottles of high-SPF sunscreen (happy first day of summer!). Subscribe today!

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  • Randy

    I am not a subscriber, (yet) but I am definitely going to grab a copy from Barnes and Noble. It’s worth it for the Roy Underhill article alone, not mention anything about Bob Flexner, who is THE MAN when it comes to finishing.
    Can’t wait, Thanks.

  • Bobby Slack

    You guys simply hit the ball out of the park on this issue.
    Celebrating the World Cup there is only one thing to say …
    Bobby Slack

  • Jim "Wood Warden" Woodward

    OK now all I am left wondering is which dovetail saw does Megan want?

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