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T Mac Stays Cool Under Pressure

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Last week WGBH released a trailer for “Rough Cut , Woodworking with Tommy Mac,” the newest woodworking show coming from Boston’s PBS network. Links to the trailer were posted on so many sites that it had to look like a ping-pong ball in cyberspace. The show is big news in woodworking circles.

Of course, most everyone has watched the trailer and is fully up to date with everything Tommy Mac (if you haven’t caught the trailer, click here), but there are a couple things about Tommy and his shop and show that you might not know , things we read about in the online edition of the Canton Citizen, the local newspaper in the town where Tommy has his shop.

For starters, much of the new show is being filmed in Tommy’s shop. You might think that’s a good idea due to his familiarity with the tools and the shop layout, but there is one problem he and the crew have to deal with. Tommy’s shop is not air-conditioned and if you’ve been watching the weather news lately, you know about the hot, humid days they have been having back East.

Some of the guests that visit the show are from Canton, too , including Tommy’s sidekick for three shows, Al D’Attanasio, a long-time woodworker. And here’s a cool twist, Tommy’s sixth-grade shop teacher shows up in an episode. The real story is that his teacher is part of the Canton Veterans Honor Guard and is on hand to properly demonstrate how to fold an American flag to fit into the flag box built during the show. Nice touch.

For more information about Tommy MacDonald, details about the show and his hometown of Canton, MA, click here to read the Canton Citizen article.

– Glen D. Huey

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