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As with any tool, a properly working spray gun is a joy to use. On the other hand, one that isn’t working well can go unused or even end up in the trash if you don’t know how to resolve the problems.

You can avoid most problems by keeping your spray gun well maintained. There are three levels of maintenance: lubricate the moving parts, clean the spray gun and rebuild the spray gun.

I cover lubricating and cleaning below. Rebuilding can be accomplished in two ways. You can do it yourself with a kit of springs, washers and packings that you buy from the manufacturer, or you can have someone rebuild the gun for you.

If your spray gun is sold at an auto-body supply store, you can usually buy the kit there, and most of these stores know someone who will rebuild your gun for you. Some manufacturers of turbine guns supply kits and a rebuilding service, but not all. Spray Gun Repair (860-928-1802 or rebuilds most guns.

The need to rebuild a spray gun should be as rare as the need to rebuild a router unless you let paint or finish cure in the gun. You can avoid the need for rebuilding for a very long time, and maybe forever, if you follow these simple lubricating and cleaning procedures.

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