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Norm Abram sat down with Publisher Steve Shanesy at the July 2007 AWFS show in Las Vegas

We’ve just received a press release stating that, after 21 seasons, The New Yankee Workshop is ceasing production. Host Norm Abram will, however, remain on PBS on the This Old House series.

“We’ve had a great run, built challenging projects, met wonderful woodworkers, and received loyal support from millions of viewers,” stated Norm Abram, in the release.

The New Yankee Workshop web site will remain available online.

– Megan Fitzpatrick

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  • Steve McDaniel

    I am very sad that there will no longer be any new NYW episodes, but am grateful for the 21 seasons they have made. I have learned a lot from this show over the years and am a better woodworker for it.

    My family enjoys watching NYW, and my 4-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son love repeating the safety warning of, "There is no more important rule than to wear these safety glasses."

    I’ve had the privilege of working with both Norm and Russ Morash a few times. They are both very pleasant and hospitable men, and I wish them and their families the best.

  • Erick

    If you’re reading this Norm, I want to thank you, and I wish you the best as you semi-retire. Looking forward to seeing you on TOH and in TOH Mag. Thanks for the years of instruction and projects.

  • paul b

    Just a note: it is not PBS that made the "how to shut it down" call – it was WGBH in BAHSTAHAN.

    I suspect there are some serious negotiation disadvantages to revealing the end date too soon. Just a guess though. TV producers are not known for their deep and abiding care for the audience.

  • Jim

    While I was not a fan of some of Norm’s techniques, I admired his enthusiasm and production over all those years. I am sure the internet had some affect on this decision. Lot’s more sources of information now. I look forward to continue watching him on TOH, although I have to admit, I liked NYW more. Congrats on a great run!

    from Northern California

  • Joe Lyddon

    Sorry to see it go…

    Norm, I guess you just got a little tired… I can understand that.

    I wish you well…

    Thank you for playing an important part in getting me back into woodworking and teaching me how to get something done!

    I will miss you… will still be watching the PBS reruns…

    Norm, you did GOOD!

    Thank you very much!

  • Rex Wallace

    The upshot is the price of brad nails should plummet.

  • Phil

    Well, the wind is out of my sails today at hearing the news. I knew something was fishy when Season 21 was a "best-of" and the cam at was down for quite a while. I can’t blame Norm for "retiring" to do TOH only–I’m sure 20+ years as the New Yankee in addition to juggling the TOH job is a formidable workload. But PBS needs an heir-apparent–someone to carry on, I think. I hope they consider a "new" new yankee.

    As for Norm, best wishes to you and we hope to see you at least as a guest on the next great woodworking show. As for PBS, I hate the abrupt, clinical end they brought to this revered series.

    Phil D.
    Franklin, OH

  • Jeff

    Good idea Dave. I hate to see it end, but I have lost interest in the show. There were many Saturday afternoons that I had to sit down and watch his show. My workbench is from his plans.

  • Glen

    I realize that shows don’t stay on for ever, but it’s a shame to have this end. I like the farewell show idea, too. I wonder if PBS will show re-runs.

    My current bench is also from his plans – with some modifications. It was a great project for me, and gave me the confidence to do so much more.

    I also wish him the best.

    Glen in PA

  • Dave in Cincinnati

    Sorry to see the show go but wish him the best.

    Wish they would do a farewell show of some kind. History of the show etc…


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