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Matt Vanderlist, of Matt’s Basement Workshop and co-host of WoodTalk Online, just posted a new blog entry reviewing the DVD “Turning Basics for Furniture Makers“.

For years, Matt’s been fearful of taking up turning. Not because of learning a new skill, but he doesn’t want to get addicted:

“I decided it was time to face my fears and pop the Disc in my DVD Player and watch what scares me most. Afterall I’m a big guy and I can handle myself right? Well the good news is I survived, the bad news is I’m finding myself stalking the tools in the turning aisles at my local woodworking stores.”

Welcome to the club.

To read Matt’s full blog post, click here.

Also, a few weeks back Marc Spagnuolo posted his review of the DVD on the Wood Whisperer blog:

Click here to read Marc’s Review. 

And if you feel like this DVD is just what you need to start turning, head on over to the Woodworker’s BookShop and order your copy.

, Drew DePenning, associate editor for the web

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