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This morning I’m putting the finishing touches on our new DVD, “Finishes that Pop with Glen D. Huey.”

In the Popular Woodworking shop, Glen talks about finishing in passing , never in great detail. I’ve gotten the feeling that for him, finishing is either something that isn’t too serious , or is just so second-nature that it doesn’t require much discussion. After working on this DVD with him, I know it’s more a combination of the two.

Glen has perfected his method of finishing through countless experiments conducted during years of building period furniture. Because he was for a long-time a professional furniture maker, he needed a technique that was reliable, repeatable and highly efficient. It’s a piece of cake for him (now).

So we sat down together to look at his techniques through his articles such as “Finishing Formulas” and some of his other works, and developed a concise and simple way to teach his “no-fail” method.

Editing this DVD has been a breeze compared to some of my earlier projects, and that’s because the information is laid out in such a logical and chronological order. But best of all, it’s easy. Glen does go into great detail about how to mix your own fresh shellac, but he also tells you how to get the same results with pre-mixed shellac from the store. That’s just one of the many shortcuts he provides in this video.

After working with Glen over the past few weeks on this DVD, I have a new perspective on finishing. No longer is it a fantastical alchemy , it can be a fun, easy and repeatable experience.

, Drew DePenning, associate editor for the web


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