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Are you sitting on the fence waiting to pull the trigger on the purchase of a few new tools? If so, here’s something you should know about. Beginning today, Grizzly Industrial, Inc. is offering free shipping on many tools. If you’re considering a new table saw, jointer or other machine or tool, this information is exactly what you’re looking for to help with your decision.

What can you save? The easiest way to find out is to visit the Grizzly web site, click on the announcement banner and select the machine of your choice. But for an example, let’s take a look at the three tools that should be the basis of every woodworking shop: a table saw, jointer and planer.

A table saw, in my opinion, is the heart of your shop. Grizzly offers the G1023S table saw, a great saw to which many a saw is compared. Free shipping saves you $96.50.

Proper lumber milling begins at a jointer. If your stock is not flat and true, you’ll experience issues , nagging issues , throughout your project. Your next thought might be to purchase a 6″ jointer, but please don’t. We think you should jump directly to an 8″ model. I’ve talked with many woodworkers who purchase a 6″ jointer and quickly find that an 8″ would have been more useful. Why not simply begin with an 8″ machine? Also, look into a helical or spiral cutterhead. (To read my two-part helical cutterhead blog click here for Part One and here for Part Two.) Take a look at a G0490X. The shipping savings on this machine? $149.50.

The last, but not the least, machine needed to anchor your shop is a good planer. The second part of proper milling is to plane the board to parallel thicknesses. You can’t go wrong with a 15″ planer. Grizzly offers the G0453 planer. Freight savings on this machine is $149.50.

So if you don’t already have a table saw, jointer and planer, these are good machines , and total freight savings are $395.50. I’ll bet you can find a way to turn those savings into more tools. And move quickly. This is a limited-time offer with no ending date mentioned.

– Glen D. Huey

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  • Chris C

    Can anybody comment on taking delivery of large machinery
    from Grizzly? I have read their FAQs but found the actual
    details vague. It seems like they will have a freight truck
    drop it off at your "curb". Or they recommend you meet
    them at the freight terminal. ??

    Both of these options seem absurd to me for a company
    that does almost all of its business via mail order. They
    should offer a lift-gate service(even if it is optional) to
    bring the boxes right into your shop/garage on a pallet.
    I don’t seem to see this service offered.

    When I took delivery of my table saw the
    shipping included lift-gate service. Shipping was
    FREE(as it often is at amazon) and the pallets were
    dropped off in my garage. This was a 525lb pallet.

    I personally am not going to annoy three of my friends
    to come over and heave-ho a 600lb box into my garage
    from the curb. Or from the back of a pickup truck(which
    I don’t own).



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