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First Photos of the New Delta Unisaw

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On the first day of the International Woodworking Fair (IWF) the big news is from Delta and its made-in-the-U.S.A. Unisaw. I wrote a blog entry about this new Unisaw a while back (click here to read that entry). True to the company’s word, there is more information being bantered about as the show opens. And yes, we have the very first pictures of the new saw’s design.

The headline to this story could have been “Welcome Home Unisaw.” This Delta flagship saw was first introduced in 1930, and is once again going to be, according to the company, “built and assembled in Jackson, Tenn.”  In the photo you can see the phrase ”Made in the U.S.A.” on the front of the machine near the base. When we get an opportunity to talk with the saw’s product manager, we’ll get the full details on how it is being manufactured. (For a Federal Trade Commission writing on “Complying with Made in the USA Standard,” click here.) I, for one, like the idea of something as important as the Unisaw is to Delta, being produced in the United States.

So what’s new about this completely re-engineered and re-designed saw? Here we go. There is a unique one-piece cast-iron trunnion that allows the beveling and blade-height controls to be positioned on the front of the saw. No longer will you have to reach around to the side of the machine to adjust the bevel setting. The bevel gauge is also positioned on the saw’s front and is centered to make adjustments (accurate to 1/2º) easy. Also, the blade tilt can be fine-tuned from the cabinet’s front using a large hex-head screw so you won’t have to climb inside the cabinet. But if you did want to gain access, a door is also located front and center, too.

The new design has an enlarged table surface in front of the blade to increase support and control as you begin a cut, while a true riving knife is positioned behind the blade. To make use a bit more effortless, the team at Delta added a tool-free arbor lock and a one-piece washer and nut combination to secure the saw blade. Additionally, the dust-collection is stepped up with two ports pulling from the cabinet and blade at the same time.

Continuing the user-friendly design, the new Unisaw has on-board storage for accessories such as the throat plate, a blade wrench, a dado head, three additional blades and more, via a storage drawer conveniently located under the extension table. The guarding system for the Unisaw consists of a two-position guard that has tool-free adjustability.

Delta will offer the new Unisaw in three configurations. All are left-tilt, 10″ saws powered by Marathon motors. Model 36-L336 has a 3-horsepower motor and a 36″ Biesemeyer fence and rail system. Model 36-L352 is also a 3-hp machine, but has a 52″ Biesemeyer fence. And, Model 36-L552 has a 5-hp motor along with a 52″ Biesemeyer fence. Each saw is covered by a five-year limited warranty.

The saws are scheduled to be available for purchase in early 2009 with pricing yet to be determined. Of course we’ll keep our collective ears to the ground for further information. For complete coverage of IWF, visit our special page that features stories, photos and free videos.


Glen is a senior editor of Popular Woodworking.

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