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Bob Flexner’s new book, “Flexner on Finishing,” is due in our warehouse any day now, but we’ve extended the 20 percent off pre-sale price through Sept. 20. This book, Bob’s first since “Understanding Wood Finishing” (which went through several printings and sold hundreds of thousands of copies), is an updated collection of most of the columns he’s written over the past 12 years for Popular Woodworking Magazine. But instead of simply reprinting the columns as they appeared in the magazine, Bob combined a couple that covered the same topics, and updated every column with the latest finishing information. He also took many new pictures to better illustrate his finishing techniques. Plus, there are a couple stories that didn’t appear in our magazine.

So, if you’ve been reading Popular Woodworking Magazine for 12 years, and already own “Understanding Wood Finishing,” do you need “Flexner on Finishing?” Well, yes , if you want the most up-to-date information and techniques, from one of the best-known names in the business, all in one place. Bob explains that his new book goes deeper into some topics than his first book, explains some topics from a different perspective and develops some topics that aren’t covered in “Understanding Wood Finishing” (including an entire section on furniture repair).

Bob provides more in-depth information on:
    – Shellac and Sealing Wood
    – Choosing a Finish for Color
    – Finishing Five Types of Wood
    – Optimizing a Spray Gun
    – Spray Gun Maintenance
    – The Challenge of Cherry
    – Finish Both Sides?
    – How to Remove Water Marks

He shares a new approach in:
    – Rules to Finish By
    – Thick and Thin of Wood Finishing
    – Rules for Sanding Wood
    – The Basics of Wiping Varnish
    – Applying Wiping Varnish
    – Making Sense of Dyes
    – 9 Finishing Myths
    – 7 Polyurethane Myths
    – Fixing Finish with French Polish

And new topics include:
    – History of Wood Finishing
    – Home Center Finishing
    – Gel Varnish
    – Finishing Wood Floors

Plus there’s the “bonus section” on furniture repair (from which I learned how best to take apart and reglue chairs , which came in handy when my mother gave me a set of six lovely but rickety chairs for my dining room).

The way Bob has arranged “Flexner on Finishing” makes it easy to find the information you’re looking for, but what I find most appealing is Bob’s no-nonsense writing style. After 30 years in the furniture restoration and finishing business, he knows how to use the many finishes available, and he knows what those products really are. Bob will help you cut through all the marketing hype (not to mention erroneous directions) and make the best finishing decisions for your projects. All for just $19.99 , if you order by Sept. 20.

– Megan Fitzpatrick

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