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If you’re a “dado-holic”, or if you occasionally set up and cut dados while woodworking, Infinity Cutting Tools has just made your life easier with its Dado Measuring Gauge. This gauge is an 8″ round, saw-blade-like piece of high-quality steel (what else would a saw-blade maker use for a gauge?) that has notches cut out around the circumference that range from 1/4″ to 29/32″.

Match your piece to the notch then you’ll know exactly what size to set up your dado stack. Yes, you could use a good set of fractional dial calipers to determine the thickness, but this gauge does more. Right next to each notch is the size of the dado as well as the formula needed to accurately set up your stack.

In the photo, my workpiece is 7/16″ thick. And the symbols on the gauge read, “LHS + C1 + C3+ RHS.” Using the chart printed right on the gauge, I need to use the left blade of my dado stack (that’s a good place to start), one 1/16″ chipper, one 1/8″ chipper and the right blade of my stack. Sure you could figure that in your head or use the handy-dandy cardboard sheet that came with your dado stack (if you still have it), but with this gauge, everything is right there. And being steel, a couple rare earth magnets could hold the gauge right to your saw’s cabinet.

And while Infinity would like you to use this gauge with its award-winning stack (The Dadonator), the company is a bit more forward thinking than that. The formulas provided on the gauge work with any dado stacks that use two outside blades.

You can pick a Dado Measuring Gauge at Infinity’s web site ( for $29.90. On the site, there are a couple reviews and a video that explains how to use the gauge.

, Glen D. Huey

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