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Mackintosh FurnitureThanks for all the great comments! Congratulations to “willcee” the winner of this book giveaway. Stay tuned for more exciting book giveaways and if you’re interested in reserving a copy of “Mackintosh Furniture” you can pre-order at ShopWoodworking.com.

This week I received advance copies of Michael Crow’s new “Mackintosh Furniture” book. Its a book of techniques and shop drawings to help you recreate 30 of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s furniture designs.

Often remembered for his architecture and graphics, Mackintosh designed hundreds of pieces of furniture throughout his career. This is the first book of its kind dedicated solely to his furniture. Finally fans of Mackintosh’s work will have access to drawings and details to help recreate some of his most popular furniture.

“Mackintosh Furniture” will be available in December and is currently available for pre-order at ShopWoodworking.com.

I have one advance copy of the book from the printer that I’m giving away. Be the first kid on the block to own a copy of this one! Simply post a comment below and I’ll choose one winner at random. Winner will be announced Monday 10/2/17. Good luck!

Mid-Century Modern FurnitureAlso available from Michael Crow: “Mid-Century Modern Furniture: Shop Drawings & Techniques for Making 29 Projects.”


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Showing 46 comments
  • rmason

    I would love this book.

  • calebawilson

    Would love this

  • Geneaux

    I’d love to have a copy. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Jim Good

    Choose me, choose me… I build this sory of thing. Thanks for the offer. Hope I’m lucky!! Cheers Megan!

  • Gene

    That’s a gorgeous piece. If you stumble across another copy, maybe offer a bundle with Michael’s Arts & Crafts book, or perhaps some of Bob Lang’s books of shop drawings.

  • johnclaus


  • JeremiahW

    Well that sounds nice.

  • kaw-liga

    Looks like a great one for my collection!

  • joe@pighetti.net

    Looks like a really interesting read!

  • David

    Yes; thanks!

  • indelicatow

    I remember seeing a fellow on lumberjocks produce a replica table, with inlay stain glass, definitely want to try it one day.

  • DaveS2

    Not too fond of the apples or computers but this kind of Mackintosh suits my taste.

  • waffleiron

    That desk looks great.

  • erikhinkston

    Beautiful! Great challenge

  • zerhusen

    Looks great!

  • kwfowle

    If this book is anything like the last I’ll be glad to win a copy or buy one when it’s available.

  • Just_Iain

    Gorgeous! Need I say more? You realise I’m talking about the book right?

  • djmueller1

    Utilitarian furniture with style!

  • Ramblerkoch

    Oh Please, Please, Please!

  • rjhanby

    count me in

  • t.e.curtis

    Yes please.

  • gregworks

    Looks interesting.

  • ekrafsur

    Just as I was thinking of building something new for the house as other projects are finishing up…

  • Woodsmyth

    Please send with 2 men to lift wood while I work on the designs. 🙂

  • quietobserver

    The books that laud creative designers always have a place on my book shelf.

  • Clifflo

    I would love a book like that, learning to make different furniture is my passion

  • willcee

    Yes, Looking forward to the new book!

  • Jonas Jensen

    I would love a book like that.

  • Dana Oredson


  • Riven Joiner

    I’m in!

  • PapaBear302

    Who can’t use another design book. Especially if is free.

  • wonkothesane

    I understand that there can be only one winner.

    But speaking of the whole “there can be only one thing” it turns out there were a whole bunch of Highlander movies. There should have been only one (movie that is), and there should have been only none (TV shows), but all in all, if we had to ignore a decade of detritus after the first Highlander, then it was s small price to pay for such lines as “it is THE QUICKENING!”

    Additionally, it seems there will be only one winner of this new book, which is fine I suppose. But what method are y’all using to determine these winners? Random Number Generator? Put an Editor in a Closet with a bag of Oreos and however many seconds it takes them to finish them equates to the hypotenuse of the number of the new book owner? Coin flipping, except with fire?

    And another thing! Except, I ran out of things to say at least four paragraphs ago. Anyway, please enter me in the roster for the Duel to the Distraction for a nice book of drawings and furniture.

  • galooticus

    Looking forward to this one!

  • RP

    Love it! Even just the cover project – that is amazing!

  • jojodwolf

    One of my teachers once said…. consume design books !!!

  • rwyoung


  • blake

    i have heard of that fella and seen that sort of furniture before but never knew they were connected. i always figured it was some sort of rebellious american craftsman style. interesting. maybe i’ll win and won’t have to buy the book

  • C_McGregor

    I have Michael Crow’s book on “Building Arts and Crafts Furniture”, Michael does a great job presenting detailed and straight forward plans. I look forward to flipping through this new book.

  • devintech

    Yes please

  • Chairmaker14

    I had never heard of Mackintosh furniture until seeing the cover of this book. I could put this book to great use.

  • sitzpkt1998

    I would like to have this.

  • mbholden

    I’m in! I would like to make some Mackintosh furniture.

  • Bill Rabe

    I went to a Macintosh exhibit at a museum in LA in 1998. It was awesome.

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