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A Ruckus at Lie-Nielsen Event

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There’s going to be a some unruliness at this year’s Lie-Nielsen show held at the Popular Woodworking Magazine shop on April 15th and 16th. I know this because I plan to cause the ruckus.

Lie-Nielsen’s show is about hand tools – the company, as well as the other exhibitors at the show, make fantastic tools as you well know. However, at the upcoming event, I plan to run and operate a few power tools. (I’ll bet Tom and Deneb just raised their respective eyebrows.)

Here’s the deal. I’m demonstrating hand-cut dovetails on Saturday morning. Of course, I’ll run through the process using a dovetail saw, chisels and a mallet – the traditional hand-cut method. But to take advantage of this opportunity to hock my “Cheating at Hand-cut Dovetails” DVD, I’ll also demonstrate how I power-up dovetails without sacrificing the hand-cut look.

Here’s an added bonus. One method I’m an advocate for when working with large panels is to use a jigsaw to cut the pins and tails. A few weeks back Festool showed us new tools coming in 2011 and we got a first look at Carvex, Festool’s newest jigsaw (read about it here). The angled base – the most innovative jigsaw idea to come down the path – is perfect for this kind of work. I asked the folks at Festool if we could get a Carvex for the show – even though its release date is June 1 – and they agreed to send one down. If you stop by the event, you’ll not only get the opportunity to ask about and use great hand tools, you’ll also get a chance to see and operate Festool’s new jigsaw.

— Glen D. Huey

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  • mctom

    Has an agenda or schedule been developed for the 4/15-16 event? Last year you had a couple of presentations in addition to the tool demos.

    • Glen D. Huey

      mctom – we have additional presentations scheduled this year, too. Check other blog posts for a list of exhibitors. Along with the team from LN, other exhibitors doing demos and we editor types, SAPFM will be here with a host of woodworking presentations. As far as we know there are not cast in concrete schedules. It would be best if you plan to attend both days!

  • Joe "the Pro" Sainz

    If you need any blades for that saw, let me know. I’ve got a few around that are pretty awesome for cheating at dovetails.

  • SlashDev

    You’re hocking your DVD!?!

    You’d probably get more for your Festool or that B-E-A-yootiful Lie-Nielsen plane. I could spot you a C-note for both to tide you over. 🙂

  • Shawn Nichols


    Will you demonstrate with or without the dust collection hooked up? I’m thinking about the Carvex but want to see how the dust collection works given the difficulty of catching dust from a jigsaw.


    • Glen D. Huey

      Shawn – Festool makes dust collection so easy I’ll definitely have things hooked up. In fact, I have a new CT 26 in house with the WCR 1000 CT Workcenter attached. It’s quite an arrangement.

      • Jason

        Any chance we get a review of the Workcenter? 🙂

        • Glen D. Huey

          Stop by the event and get a firsthand look. If you’re out of the area, tough! No, after I’ve spent a little quality time with the Workcenter, I’ll post a review right here on the blog.

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