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Welcome to the 2022 edition of the Popular Woodworking gift guide! This year we’re featuring a ton of great gifts for woodworkers, no matter what skill level they’re at. Know your price point? Jump right in below, or keep scrolling if you’re just browsing for ideas.

$30 and under$30 to $100$100 to $200$200 And Up

$30 and Under

Digital Gift-Giving: PopWood+ Buy Now

MSRP: $2.99

In addition to all of the latest and greatest articles and plans on the Popular Woodworking website, PopWood+ also includes a new wood encyclopedia, premium video content and a 25% discount in our store. 

Great Stocking Stuffer: Goat Skin Leather Work Gloves Buy Now

Manufacturer: Harbor Freight

MSRP: $8.99

Woodworkers protect their eyes, ears, and lungs, why not protect their hands too? Perfect for moving sheet goods or cleaning up around the shop, these comfortable gloves will be appreciated by the woodworker in your life.

Safe and Stylish: Pathfinder Safety Glasses Buy Now

Manufacturer: Duluth Trading Co

MSRP: $9.95

With Norm Abram’s finally hanging up his hammer on This Old House, what better way to honor that legacy than imitating the style of safety glasses he made so famous over the years? These safety glasses are stylish, affordable, and meet ANSI Z87 standards for impact resistance.

Great Stocking Stuffer #2: REACH Mechanical Pencil Buy Now

Manufacturer: Dixon

MSRP: $12.05

Reach where other writing implements can’t with this handy mechanical pencil. Great for marking inside corners, drilled holes, and more.

For the Woodworker Looking for Something New to Try: Knife Making Kit Buy Now

Manufacturer: Rockler

MSRP: $14.99+ [On sale right now for $10.19+]

Making a knife is a fun and unique project for most woodworkers. The blades themselves are reasonably inexpensive and it’s up to the creator to choose a type of wood and handle shape to make it all their own.

Perfect Starter Tool: Dowel Drilling Jig Buy Now

Manufacturer: Powertec

MSRP: $19.99

Dowel joinery is simple to use, incredibly versatile, and very strong. This straightforward jig is the perfect gateway for going from a true beginner to someone who is capable of building anything they put their mind to. And at only $20, it will pay for itself many times over.

For Detail Woodworker: Minature Worksurface Buy Now

Manufacturer: Veritas

MSRP: $24.50

Full-size workbenches and dog holes don’t always lend themselves to smaller-scale projects. That’s where the miniature worksurface comes into play. Work small pieces with the delicacy and finesse they require on a compact worksurface that easily stores when not in use.

For the Woodworker with Impeccable Taste: The Essential Handsaw Book Buy Now

Publisher: Cedar Lane Press

MSRP: $24.95

A properly sharpened and correctly used handsaw can become one of the most efficient and trusted tools in any workshop. With expert know-how compiled from the pages of Popular WoodworkingThe Essential Handsaw Book will change a woodworker’s perception and introduce them to everything they need to know to master handsaws, backsaws, and specialty saws

$30 to $100

For the Sharp Thinker: Diamond Credit Card Sharpening Stone Buy Now

Manufacturer: Titman Edge

MSRP: $32.45

These handy credit card sharpening stones are perfect for adding a shard edge to your tools on the go. Available in 180/300, 300/600, and 600/1000 grit combinations.

For the Clamping Fanatic: K Body REVO Jr Parallel Bar Clamps Buy Now

Manufacturer: Bessey

MSRP: $37.99+

Parallel clamps are a shop mainstay, and these ones from Bessey are some of the best. People tend to gravitate to the largest clamps possible since they’re essential in big glue-ups, but smaller clamps are incredibly useful and less cumbersome for many common projects.

All-Around Apron Choice: Best Damn Fire Hose Work Apron Buy Now

Publisher: Duluth Trading Co

MSRP: $59.95

Durability is a key consideration when apron shopping, and the Fire Hose® cotton canvas this apron is made from fits the bill. The apron also swaps tie strings for suspenders that can stretch with your body, meaning you’re not going to have the apron fall off your shoulders at an inopportune time. 

Hand Tool Starter: Bailey Chisel Set Buy Now

Manufacturer: Stanley

MSRP: $61.97

A good set of chisels is a necessity for every woodworker, but what set to start with? We recommend this Stanley Bailey set, which won’t break the bank but will provide years – if not decades – of quality service for you.

For the Maker: FirePoint Creator Tool Buy Now

Publisher: Bernzomatic

MSRP: $74.99 [On sale right now for $69.97]

Charred finishes have become very popular in recent years, often under the incorrect name of Shou Sugi Ban instead of the correct term Yakisugi. Whether going the traditional cedar route or one of the many other techniques, a good torch is essential to the process. A plumbers torch will get by in a pinch, but the FirePoint Creator Tool gives significantly more control and finesse. Once they’ve tried it out, they won’t want to go back.

For the Sawyer: T1 WerkPant Buy Now

Manufacturer: TrueWerk

MSRP: $79

Milling lumber is hard work- not only on the equipment, but clothes as well. With that in mind, Logan has high standards with what he chooses to wear when he’s working away on his Norwood saw mill. It has to be comfortable, flexible, and able to stand up to the rigors of abuse. The T1 WerkPant checks all of those boxes and manages to look pretty stylish while doing so. They also come in T2 and T3 varieties with increasing levels of insulation.

For the Up-and-Coming Woodworker: ONE+ 18V Cordless Compact Fixed Base Router Buy Now

Manufacturer: Ryobi

MSRP: $79 (bare tool)

A compact router is one of the most versatile tools in your shop. Powerful enough for most full-sized router work, but delicate enough for trim work, it’s a true multitasker. This new model from Ryobi is more compact and capable than its predecessor, and a top choice in any woodworker’s shop.

For Everyone: Original Multi-Tool Zip Up Hoodie Buy Now

Manufacturer: Leatherman

MSRP: $79.95

Not content with making just multi-tools, Leatherman also has a considerable lineup of made-in-the-USA clothing. The latest addition to that lineup is this comfy as-heck zip-up hoodie. Since its arrival at my house, my fiance and I have been locked in a continued battle for who gets ownership of the sweatshirt that day. I’m happy to report that as I type this I was victorious (and very cozy) today.

For the “Boring” Woodworking: Fisch Brad Point 29 pc Drill Bit Set Buy Now

Manufacturer: Fisch

MSRP: $90.84

The old adage “you get what you pay for” is often correct. And while you can get a set of drill bits for only $10, they’re practically going to dull before you get home from the store. Quality brad point bits like these cut more quickly, smoothly, and cleanly, and make more accurate holes.

$100 to $200

For the Woodworker Building a Workbench: Moxon Vise Hardware Kit Buy Now

Manufacturer: WoodRiver

MSRP: $109.99 [On sale right now for $79.99]

A double screw vise, also known as a Moxon vise, has been around for centuries and is a great workholder. This kit provides all the needed metal hardware and allows you to construct the jaws in any size or shape to fit your needs.

For the Wireless Woodworker: FREE 2.0 Buy Now

Manufacturer: ISOtunes

MSRP: $119.99

If you’re a regular reader of Popular Woodworking you’re probably familiar by now with the ISOtunes family of ANSI-certified headphones. The new FREE 2.0 features an upgraded 25 NRR and Bluetooth 5.2 technology with the same great ISOtunes sound quality you know and love.

For the Carpenter: 18v Brushless Circular Saw Buy Now

Manufacturer: Metabo HPT

MSRP: $149 (bare tool) [On sale right now for $125]

Metabo HPT’s new 18v brushless circular saw is one of the latest additions to the ever-expanding MultiVolt system, which accepts either their standard 18V battery or their MultiVolt 18v/36v battery. It’s quite, powerful, and a fantastic addition to the job site for any carpenter.

The Versatile Gift: 18V Brushless Top-Handle Jig Saw Buy Now

Manufacturer: Bosch

MSRP: $159 (bare tool) [On sale right now for $149]

A jigsaw is one of those tools that everyone should really have. Useful for woodworking and home projects alike, a jigsaw can make both straight cuts as well as any number of curved cuts in different materials. This new brushless model from Bosch is packed with all the essential features you need and works with their full 18v battery platform.

$200 & Up

The Gift They’ll Bond With: Hudson Bay Axe Shop Now

Manufacturer: Best Made

MSRP: $224.95 [On sale right now for $179.96]

When is an axe more than just an axe? That seems to be the question posed by the Best Made Hudson Bay Axe. Unlike your average axe from a home store, the Hudson Bay Axe includes a booklet that walks you through proper usage and care, covering everything from sharpening to painting to naming the axe. The top-notch quality construction and finish elevate it from simple tool to something more- a companion of sorts that one will look forward to spending years of quality time with.

For the Rough Lumber Woodworker: M18 Belt Sander Shop Now

Manufacturer: Milwaukee

MSRP: $279 (bare tool)

Belt sanders seem to be an unsung hero of the woodworking world. Not meant to used place of random orbital sander, the belt sander is more of a shaping tool or carpentry tool. Milwaukee’s new M18 Fuel Brushless belt sander here features 8 amp corded power in a completely cordless package. With best-in-class belt speed, top-notch dust collection, and a variable speed dial that allows the giftee to sand a wide variety of materials, it’s the Rolls Royce of belt sanders.

For the Master Craftsman: Custom Apron Shop Now

Manufacturer: Leather by Dragonfly

MSRP: $520+

The master craftsman has it all; chisels sharpened to their exact specifications, hand planes dialed in just-so, and a shop layout that’s taken years to perfect. Shouldn’t they have an apron that matches the same level of uniqueness everything has? Enter Leather by Dragonfly. Husband-and-wife team Patrick and Michelle Melchior hand make every apron to the customer’s specifications by mailing a canvas sizing template to wear during a video fitting, then walk through each sizing point to ensure a truly perfect “made just for them” fit. Perfection does take some time though – lead time is 6 to 10 weeks after sizing.

The Ultimate Portable Solution: Delta 2 Power Station Shop Now

Manufacturer: ECOFLOW

MSRP: $999 [On sale right now for $899]

Cordless tools are great, but what if you’re at a job site without power, or using a corded tool far away from an outlet? Yoav introduced us to the concept of using a portable power station a few years back, and the ECOFLOW Delta 2 is a higher-capacity unit with the same idea. The Delta 2 holds 1024 watt-hours, which is enough to charge an 18v 2ah batter a whopping 28 times. It can also be used to run a variety of corded shop tools like a miter saw or band saw. The usefulness isn’t limited to woodworking though. The ECOFLOW is perfect for camping or short-term backup for power outages.

The Power-User Gift: Kapex Sliding Compount Miter Saw Shop Now

Manufacturer: Festool

MSRP: $1575

Miter saws are among the most-used tools in a woodworker’s arsenal, and the Festool Kapex is considered by many to be the cream of the crop. Effective dust extraction, precise cuts, easy adjustments, and quality components are some of the key features that make it stand out in a crowded field.

Product Recommendations

Here are some supplies and tools we find essential in our everyday work around the shop. We may receive a commission from sales referred by our links; however, we have carefully selected these products for their usefulness and quality.

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