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Tool Test: Veritas Mortise Chisels from Lee Valley Tools

 In April 2017 #231, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

by James McConnell

The Veritas (Lee Valley) mortise chisels are awesome in every sense of the word. They’re big, heavy and can plow through a mortise in just a few good passes. The size, shape and substantial thickness of the blades bring English “dagger”-style mortise chisels to mind, while the overall shape and length give them the feel of elegant Japanese or sash mortise chisels in the hand.

The chisels are available in 1⁄8″, 1⁄4″, 5⁄16″, 3⁄8″ and 1⁄2″ (and as a set of five). I tested the 1⁄4″ size in both A2 and PM-V11 steel and found little practical difference between the two in terms of edge retention or overall performance. (Their paths diverged at the sharpening stones, however, where PM-V11 was the clear winner, taking a finer edge with fewer strokes.) The rounded heel of the blade might seem like a small detail, but it provides a smoother fulcrum and changed how I used the tool to clear waste. I found myself almost shearing with the edge as I levered, leaving a cleaner and more uniform mortise, especially in the corners.

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Website: Check out Veritas Mortise Chisels at Lee Valley.
Video: Watch what mortising looks like from the inside out.

From the April 2017 issue, #231


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