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Good Chisel Sense

The simplest tool in your chest is also the most sensitive and versatile; here’s how to set up a chisel to a high level and wield it like a maestro. by Christopher Schwarz pgs. 20-27 It’s almost [...]

William & Mary Side Table

Turned drops and legs, arches and serpentine stretchers typify this ornate 17th-century style. by Kerry Pierce pgs. 28-36 When someone uses the term “period furniture,” we think most often of the [...]

Make Your Own Plywood

Shop-made ply can achieve shapes and forms solid wood just can’t handle. by Jameel Abraham pgs. 37-41 The title of this article may sound silly, or perhaps us woodworkers have just run out of [...]

Faux Urushi

Poison sumac for a perfect finish? A quick epoxy fake-out spares the itch. by Donald C. Williams pgs. 42-49 Within the ongoing renaissance of fine furniture making, I find myself an enthusiastic [...]

Breadboard End Cutting Board

Practice a centuries-old technique on this small contemporary piece. by David Picciuto pgs. 50-54 Found on everything from refined 18th-century highboys to muscled Arts & Crafts tables, [...]

Tool Test: Beadlock Pro Joinery Kit

by David Thiel pg. 14 I looked to the Beadlock Pro recently when I found myself needing four loose-tenon joints for a project – I wanted an economic but quick solution, and didn’t want to make a [...]

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