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Ruhlmann Tabouret

Create sultry sophistication with Art Deco details by Mario Rodriguez page 23 Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann (1879-1933) is considered by craftspeople, collectors and designers to be the premier Art Deco [...]

Tapered Sliding Dovetails

Hand tools are the way to go for this traditional joint. by Frank Strazza page 30 Tapered sliding dovetails are multipurpose joints traditionally used for drawer dividers, holding legs in place [...]

Kumiko Lamp

The road to enlightenment is paved with lots of little strips of wood. by Raney Nelson page 33 I am not by nature organized or detail-oriented. When I was young, I was the guy with the punk rock [...]

Charred Finish

Fire and wax together produce a rich black surface. by Seth Gould page 40 Fire might not be the first finishing technique that most woodworkers gravitate toward; then again, I am not most [...]

Curve Appeal

This stool builds your skills with eight different joints and bent laminations.  by Neil Cronk page 42 Competition is the whetstone of talent; this was in full effect when I built this Wharton [...]

Make a Revolution From a Tree

A curious attorney helped kick-start ‘green woodworking’ with a single chair and a book. by Christopher Schwarz page 50 Of all the unusual twists and turns in the life of Jennie [...]

DEROS Random-orbit Sander

Mirka’s compact electric sander performs like an air-powered tool.  by Megan Fitzpatrick page 12 I avoid sanding as much as possible – but sometimes it has to be done. Since early 2010, [...]

Killer Wood

Don’t let fabulous figure overshadow your design elements. by George Walker page 16 Much has been written about how Michelangelo, the great artist and sculptor, spent years of his life in [...]

Work Begun

Forget the stockpile of wood; what about the stock of partial projects? by Peter Follansbee page 58 When building furniture, some woodworkers keep a stockpile of lumber on hand and draw from [...]

Why is Finishing So Difficult?

Misleading claims and directions may be due to manufacturer ignorance. by Bob Flexner page 62 In the previous issue (#216) I wrote about teak oils and how none have anything to do with teak wood. [...]

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