April 2014 #210 - Page 2 of 2 - Popular Woodworking Magazine

‘Eye Muffs’ by Sells Safety

by Chuck Bender page 14 I know safety isn’t a topic that evokes that “must read” feeling in most of us, but when something new and innovative comes along, you might just want to stop and [...]

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Secrets from a Swan

Add graceful notes to your furniture with cyma curves. by George R. Walker pages 32-34 The first sign of spring in northern Ohio appears while the wintery landscape is still cased [...]

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Period Clamping Techniques

Did traditional workholding involve fewer gadgets? by Bob Rozaieski pages 20-22 In my fledgling years as a woodworker, I had a large collection of clamps. I literally bought in to [...]

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Soap as a Wood Finish

While this natural Danish finish looks beautiful, it’s high-maintenance. by Bob Flexner pages 62-3 You may be surprised to learn that a quite popular finish for furniture and [...]

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Blacker House Garden Bench

A gnarly old conifer finds new life on a recognized California estate. by John Ipekjian page 64 In 1908, architects Charles and Henry Greene built one of their most famous [...]

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