April 2013 #203

Popular Woodworking Magazine April 13 Cover In “City Sideboard,” the cover story for the April 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, Mario Rodriguez builds a versatile sideboard suitable for the cramped urban apartment. The spare design is a little bit updated Shaker, and a little bit James Krenov. In “Quarter Columns,” Charles Bender teaches you an alternative technique to manufacture this elegant decorative addition – instead of using a lathe, you’ll use a router. Tom Calisto teaches you how to join oblique sides with through dovetails in “Compound-angle Dovetails,” which he uses in a small, handled tote. Christopher Schwarz discusses the resurgent industry in woodworking vises and holdfasts, along with reviews of the tools, in “A Workholding Renaissance.” In “Greene & Greene Inlay,” David Mathias explores the intricacies of inlays unique to each and every piece of custom-made Greene & Greene furniture. Learn how to cut perfect coves with a novel use of the table saw in “Cove Cuts on the Table Saw,” by Gary Rogowski. In “Design a Trestle Table,” famed woodworker Graham Blackburn discusses the elements of this classic style of table, and shows you how to build both a basic version and an advanced model.

In this month’s tool test, we take a look at the “Powermatic PM1500 Band Saw,” the “Hock Tools Scratch Stock,” and the “Bosch Trim Router Plunge Base.”

In this month’s Design Matters, the Windsor form survives trial by fire in “A Chairmaker’s Design Lessons.” Woodworking Essentials asks you to double-check your methods in “Measure, Mark & Layout.” Flexner of Finishing demonstrates “5 Tricks for a Silk-smooth Finish.” And finally Peter Franks talks about his pathological habits in “A Woodworking Disorder.”

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Bosch Trim Router Plunge Base Tool Test

By Robert W. Lang Page 14 In 2005, Bosch introduced a new laminate trimmer that eventually became know as the Colt. Powerful and user-friendly, it quickly became a favorite in our shop and in shops across the country. At the time, I suggested to Bosch that they needed to make a...

Tool Test: Hock Tools Scratch Stock

By Megan Fitzpatrick Page 14 A scratch stock is a simple tool – sort of a combination of a scraper and a moulding plane – for scratching in a profile (typically a bead or other simple shape). And while it’s fairly easy to make a scratch stock out of scrap wood...

Woodworking Essentials: Measure, Mark & Lay Out

Double-check your tools, your technique and your thinking. By Robert W. Lang Pages 58-60 One of the most important skills in woodworking is rarely discussed or considered as a thing that needs to be learned or practiced. The basic skills of measuring and its close cousin, layout, are essential to produce quality work. As...

Tool Test: Powermatic PM1500 Band Saw

Just about every feature of this 15″ band saw is impressive. By Steve Shanesy Page 12 Powermatic’s new 15″ band saw is quite a package: good looking, heavy-duty in every way and packed with features. The fit and finish make a strong first impression. The paintwork is excellent, parts fits well...

Flexner on Finishing: 5 Tricks for a Silky-smooth Finish

Achieve great results with the least amount of work. By Bob Flexner Pages 62-63 Think about it: What’s the first thing you do when judging someone else’s woodwork? You run your hand over it, of course. If it feels really smooth, you admire the work. If it feels rough, you aren’t as impressed –...