City Sideboard

Contemporary details and materials update this classic form. By Mario Rodriguez Pages 20-27 Apartments in the Philadelphia area where I live are in demand and rents are high. The [...]

Quarter Columns

Forget the lathe; a router table setup makes quick work of these striking architectural features. By Charles Bender Pages 28-31 If you want to add a little punch to your next [...]

Compound Dovetails

Discover how to join oblique sides with through-dovetails. By Tom Calisto Pages 32-35 As an avid sailor and full-time furniture maker, I’ve always wanted to make a proper sea [...]

A Workholding Renaissance

After years of decline, the industry that makes vises and holdfasts for woodworkers has come roaring back. By Christopher Schwarz Pages 36-40 In my first book, “Workbenches: From [...]

Greene & Greene Inlay

Jewel-like details are the crowning touch on these masterpieces of American furniture. By David Mathias Pages 41-45 Furniture designed by early 20th-century American architects [...]

Cove Cuts on the Table Saw

Accurately set up for and safely make these versatile curved shapes. By Gary Rogowski Pages 46-49 It was the 1970s. I was a young, lost woodworker out cruising the West Coast in [...]

Design a Trestle Table

Choose your own styles and techniques: simple, advanced, or somewhere in-between. By Graham Blackburn Pages 50-53 In furniture, the term “trestle” historically referred to a pair [...]

A Woodworking Disorder

Most of us share this pathological habit that’s hard to break. By Peter Franks Page 64 I have a problem. A compulsion, really. It’s not as serious as, say, alcoholism, a food addiction or an [...]

Bosch Trim Router Plunge Base Tool Test

By Robert W. Lang Page 14 In 2005, Bosch introduced a new laminate trimmer that eventually became know as the Colt. Powerful and user-friendly, it quickly became a favorite in our shop and in [...]

Tool Test: Hock Tools Scratch Stock

By Megan Fitzpatrick Page 14 A scratch stock is a simple tool – sort of a combination of a scraper and a moulding plane – for scratching in a profile (typically a bead or other simple shape). And [...]

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